Customized Portfolio Management

All of our clients’ portfolios are customized to suit the individual needs our clients’ require at Shinsei Corporate Management.

We have specialists in the services of – equities, mutual funds, fixed income services and individually managed accounts.

When you join us you will be assigned with a dedicated Personal Investment Counselor who has a direct connection to our dedicated portfolio management team. Having this incredible resource available ensures a fresh perspective on the selected ideas that have been discussed between the client and their counselor. This provides a much stronger mix of investment options when utilizing our in bespoke house filtering process.

Above lists just some of the real benefits that our clients can expect to receive using our proven management services.

Real-Time Allocation of Assets

We make informed stock option decisions based on our analytical data and professional selection process. They are suited to the clients requirement be it long or short term.

Portfolio diversity

Our portfolio management system that is employed offers the most appropriate mix of products available to provide security and growth over long term market cycles.

Risk Management

Depending on the requirement from our clients brief, their portfolios are constructed using the perfect balance of long-term stock gains showing exceptional promise and income bonds which enable protection against market volatility.

Post tax yield

It is only when the applicable taxation to your investment has been deducted, that the true bottom line of any investment can be ultimately determined. There are very few companies that publish their after tax results, as they wish to appear much stronger than they actually are. We feel this is misleading to clients who do not fully understand how these results are obtained, so we only publish post tax results only to ensure total transparency.

Growing together

As our core business interest is asset management, we inherently make investments alongside our clients to stimulate rapid growth and guarantee stability. Together like a family we grow into a stronger future as one.

A wealth of experience working for your portfolio

Shinsei Corporate Management very proudly claims to have some of the most seasoned and tenured portfolio managers currently active in the industry today. To remain a step ahead of the curve we have defined 6 key tenets to which we live by.

Long-term vision

When it comes to growing and preserving wealth, it is the timing and execution of key decision which ultimately matters to investment choices. We do not rely on following trends to generate growth as this carries unknown risks. Instead we concentrate on seeking out and investing in well managed companies with proven track records to ensure stable long-term growth is delivered on. Our high-net worth clients favour this approach and its continued success proves our thinking works.

Investment in people

The decisions that are made come from a wealth of industry professionals with decades of combined market experience. A company is only as good as the people from which it is made. The long tenure of our associates, including wealth managers, portfolio managers, data analysts, investment counselors and senior members, gives our loyal clients the confidence and comfort that their assets are in safe hands.

Research & analysis

Our formidable resources enable our teams to make the best decisions for your investment needs. Whether it involves our in-house proprietary research processes, or our global network consisting of thousands of companies, customers and suppliers that provide their unique insights into specific investments, our teams are able to determine the potential long-term growth prospects and underlying valuations for application to our equity and fixed income portfolios.

Globalized investments

You need to be firmly on the global pulse if you are going to remain at the forefront of the industry, we strive to be firmly in first place at all times. The world is increasingly becoming smaller, as technologies and ideas unlock market potentials. Our trained analytical professionals know this all too well and have carried out a large proportion of our research into new potential markets.

Deliver on expectations

We aim to not only deliver on our clients expectations, but exceed them to the highest extent possible with the lowest amount of risk and the maximum possible returns. Our long-term track record shows that our team are efficient, decisive and effective with the approach they take to making calculated investments.

Consistency is key

Staying on point and ensuring consistent positive outcomes over the long haul is a key part of our company’s success and why our clients continue to put their trust and assets in our hands so we can deliver on their investment expectations. Delivering on target is a vital principle of investing for a clients’ needs.

Ideas and diversity generate power

At Shinsei Corporate Management we take a very unique approach that has been honed over the years, in order to achieve the very best investment ideas from our entire associated team. It is a well-structured approach to the process of investment selection, perfectly merging the collective forces of independent assessment and solid teamwork within our company system. This consequentially results in a solid portfolio which retains a diverse mix of products suitable for multiple market environments.

By dividing a portfolio into portions each specific portion is then overseen by a manager that applies their professional and unique input to determine the best possible ideas. Down the line the segmented portions of the portfolio are brought together by your Personal Investment Counselor and the decisions and convictions are there to explain to the client as to why they have been selected and how the portfolio as a whole balances to reflect the objectives of the client.

The overall combination of this unique approach utilizes our greatest asset as a company – our team of vast talent - which ensures the greatest success for a clients’ portfolio. Results show that time and again this process delivers the right results on time and on target so challenges are met along the way, both in the markets and in our clients’ personal lives.

The benefits of our process:

  • A personalized well-crafted portfolio that encompasses the best ideas of our entire team of professionals and uses a wide range of proprietary resources.
  • A level of diversification of investment ideas that is exclusive to our clients.
  • A process that delivers results on target consistently.
  • A globalized approach to identifying new potential investments and capitalizing on them before competitors.

The secret to our success – proprietary research

We do not listen to speculative reports, entertain Wall Street publication or main stream opinions, instead we utilize our vast wealth of experience and knowledge along with our proprietary research with which we do not allow access to by any third party. We employ a dedicated team of professional analysts that are strategically positioned in key global cities. They are constantly looking into emerging companies and products in their specific territory and relaying this information back to our centralized office.

Investments in this modern era are borderless, we understand this only too well. We are not only embracing this new process, we are creating and using it every single day. Our intellectually gained information is kept secure in-house and is our greatest asset over any competition in the market today. Only our teams and our clients can make use of this most valuable resource.