Institutional Trading

Our clients require a deep level of insight into the behavior of the markets; it is therefore only our most seasoned and experienced associates using a proprietary algorithm system that have the ability to deliver high quality execution trades at this level. A dedicated team of institutional traders access sizeable volumes of liquidity in order to deliver exceptional results that our clients have come to expect. Our Institutional clients are provided access to trade in over eighty international markets in local time and interact with global liquidity put forward by thousands of financial institutions and utilize several hundred brokers to achieve their objectives domestically or globally.

Investment Banking

It has long been our conviction that access to public capital enables growth companies to focus on innovation while providing an opportunity for all classes of investors to participate in their success. Our investment banking business aims to serve uncommon companies with compelling growth opportunities, including those that traditional investment banks deem “too small” to go public.

Transparency & Flexibility

We can connect your company with the right capital investment, to stimulate rapid growth and reserve your integrity without compromise.


You should demand equal access to information before an IPO. We are here to provide you with the right information to make an informed decision.


Blending our proprietary analytics with analytical data ensures we are always ahead of the curve.


Making your end-users and customer’s part of your shareholder demographic is fundamental to long term success.

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