The First Steps to Success Starts with You

When you enter a relationship with Shinsei Corporate Management, a Personal Investment Counselor will be appointed to you. Your PIC will work closely to understand your individual requirements, take stock of your current financial situation and construct a personalized plan to achieve your investment goals.

The full resources and investment services of Shinsei Corporate Management are at our Investment Councilors disposal. Our clients benefit greatly by having such a wealth of resources available, many of which are designed and unique to our company. Our Investment Counselors are limited to the number of clients they can manage at any given time. This ensures each client under their management receives a dedicated service that is not impacted by overloading them with responsibilities.

Your Personal Investment Councilor makes a solid fiduciary commitment to their clients when the working relationship begins. They will be on call 24/7 to make sure you are getting the service level you demand and you are advised of all relevant information that can enhance your portfolio’s growth or limit any potential risk. Our belief is by having some of the best portfolio managers in the industry working for our clients, giving them each their dedicated focus and attention, our clients can rest assured that their assets are being treated with the upmost care and attention.

A well-structured approach starts by understanding the following points in detail. A perfectly executed plan of action is time critical to achieving the right results:

  • Your current financial situation
  • What your business goals are
  • Property wealth planning
  • Your investment goals
  • Your current taxation profile
  • Exposure for single stock options you are holding
  • Plans for transferring of wealth

The above points are all essentially the fundamental building blocks on which the foundation of a financial plan will be construction on. The path of financial security and success for decades to come starts right here.

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A personalized investment plan built to suit your individual needs

There are no two clients with the exact same objective, so when it comes to managing their personal finances and investments, the only true method to getting the right results every time is to provide a personal working approach.

The selection process to achieve the perfect balance for an individual client is rigorous and time-consuming. We ensure that every precaution is taken to deliver the right strategy for each client without exception. Each asset is gauged on their key attributes categorized as risk levels and return potentials. Each plan is built step-by-step from the ground up in a layered effect. The bottom layer comprises of a rock solid foundation with investments that offer the lowest percentage of risk and provide an appropriate value of liquidity to meet short-term liabilities.

Subsequent layers make up the 'core' of the portfolio, providing long-term growth and regular income streams to meet our clients needs. The fundamental decision that needs to be addressed first is how a clients assets are to be allocated. Getting the correct blend of stocks, bonds and cash is imperative to the overall success of a portfolio. The fundamental decision that needs to be addressed first, is how a clients assets are to be allocated. Getting the correct blend of stocks, bonds and cash is imperative to the overall success of a portfolio.

Regular assessments, analytical data reports and dynamic evaluations help to keep everything on track no matter what adverse effects and challenges are met along the way.

Making your financial dreams come true

Firstly your current financial situation is assessed and all determining factors and constraints are taken into consideration. This gives our teams a good view of your situation and how they can effectively implement a strategy, to ensure maximum security while still growing your investments an optimized rate to meet your target objectives on time. During the process you will be able to review and provide feedback on your progress and discuss any options you are engaged in directly with your Personal Investment Councilor & Wealth Planning Advisor.

With any financial ideas that come to bear fruit, a detailed plan of action is required. This is a process in which Shinsei Management specializes. Our dedicated department of Wealth Planning Advisors (WPA) work alongside your Personal Investment Councilor (PIC) to analyze and construct a bespoke plan tailored to your needs. This tried and tested exclusive process delivers on expectations time and again, turning our clients personal dreams into tangible financial realities.

The road map to financial success

Your Wealth Strategy Analysis (WSA) is valuable resource tool that we at Shinsei Management make available to our premium clients. This tool tests a multitude of potential scenarios on a clients portfolio to simulate the impact of variable attributes such as taxation and cash flow fluctuations. It gives extremely accurate indications tested against real-time situations so we can ensure controlled results and predict potential outcomes.

Investment planning is an ever-evolving process as such a dynamic approach is called for one which allows adjustment and fine tuning to a clients portfolio ongoing without exception.

Our Wealth Strategy Analysis is just one of many tools we incorporate into the overall planning process for our clients at Shinsei Corporate Wealth. Here are some other invaluable resources at the disposal of our Investment Counselors:

  • The ability to adjust certain factors to simulate market cycles and view how your assets perform
  • Make appropriate asset choices based on your achievable personal goals
  • Retain or release specific stock positions using our professional assistance and resources
  • Gain regular reports and analysis to determine if your portfolio is performing to its optimum ability based on our clients needs and objectives

These key points help us to build up the big picture and get an exceptional insight into specific details surrounding an individual clients needs. Seeing the possible outcomes of a decision gives us a superior competitive edge over other investment companies that offer only historical analysis on investment products.