We at Shinsei Corporate Management express our dedicated commitment to the local communities around us and to our loyal clients’ in a variety of different ways.


We stay on point with the market movements in real-time to gauge our clients’ needs effectively.


Helping to realize public orientated projects such as the building of new schools and healthcare centres are a key focus of our core beliefs of what a financial institution should be doing to better our local communities. Assisting with the sale, merger or acquisition of a company that requires a strong partner to lead them safely through treacherous waters. We ensuring the preservation of personal wealth, pension funds and beneficial foundations all get the right level of care and attention the need in order to maintain stability and thrive.


Our dedication to strengthening the decisions we recommend to our clients is backed up by our own company investing capital into certain areas alongside our client. We invest in the future together.


Entrepreneurship is vital to growth and is positively encouraged among our dedicated team of industry professionals. New ideas, perspectives and challenges are met head on as boundaries are pushed to their limits.


We specialize in the execution of a wide variety of transactions to meet our clients needs right across the financial spectrum to stimulate rapid growth. All facets of commodities trades, bonds, equities and currencies are efficiently dealt with in a professional manner.

As the current financial climate fluctuates if a company is not tuned into what is changing around them, getting caught out is a very real and scary possibility as we have all seen over recent years. All of these issues have a direct impact in several key areas of products that you could be holding. At Shinsei Corporate Management we understand the risks at work in the markets and have put in place a proprietary forecasting strategy to weather even the fiercest storms ahead. The critical feedback provided regularly by our clients allow us to gain a new perspective on how we understand certain aspects of what we are doing, this is an essential part of molding our company structure and gives our clients a sense of engagement with their financial provider unlike any other company in the industry :

  • Our resource systems that have been developed by seasoned industry professionals and academics in the world are among the most sophisticated available in the industry today.
  • Our key focus is to achieve maximum growth of our clients assets while maintaining firm security and delivering on targets.
  • Our policy of one associate manager specializing in a specific field of expertise, gives a mixed portfolio selection exceptional management across the board. Our clients are very understanding to the fact they could not get this level of service with any other company.

Shinsei Corporate Management Is a privately owned company since its formation.

The company was a brainchild of a small group of partners previously under employment of a multi-national that decided to move away from the constraints of quarterly shareholder pressure and start their own individual client based company offering a brave new approach.

The founding partners grew their fledgling company from seed to giant tree in a surprisingly short time-frame. This was achieved by the recruitment of exceptional talent that was nurtured and grown a kin to a real family. We can now proudly boast that our balance sheet is one of the strongest of any private companies globally.

By placing our clients’ needs above all else and setting extremely high standards of business practice, Shinsei Corporate Management has acquired a level of pure excellence that is unrivaled in the industry today.

The unique mutually respectful relationship that is instilled between our clients’ and associates cannot be replicated at any other large multi-national institution.

We only answer to our clients’ needs, nothing else is as important to us or takes precedence. This is what defines us and separates us from any other company in the industry today.