The full resources and investment services of Shinsei Corporate Management are at our Investment brokers disposal.

About SCM

Shinsei Corporate Management 新生会社の管理 provides financial services.

Wealth Management

When you enter a relationship with SCM, a Personal Broker will be appointed to you.

Institutional Trading

A dedicated team of institutional traders access sizeable volumes of liquidity.

SCM Client Focus

By placing our clients’ needs above all else and setting extremely high standards of business practice, Shinsei Corporate Management has acquired a level of pure excellence...

Find your next career with SCM

The success of our company firmly rests on the foundation onto what we have built it upon. This is manifested in our team of professional talent that collectively serve our clients...

Shinsei Corporate Management Research

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What Sets Us Apart

Shinsei Corporate Management

At Shinsei Corporate Management we understand the risks at work in the markets and have put in place a proprietary forecasting strategy to weather even the fiercest storms ahead.

The critical feedback provided regularly by our clients allow us to gain a new perspective on how we understand certain aspects of what we are doing, this is an essential part of molding our company structure and gives our clients a sense of engagement with their financial provider unlike any other company in the industry.

All in one account

Trade multiple instruments and markets from one account

Institutional Trading

Our clients require a deep level of insight into the behavior of the markets; it is therefore only our most seasoned and experienced associates using a proprietary algorithm system that have the ability to deliver high quality execution trades at this level.